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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

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Body Sculpting

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Whole Body Cryo-Therapy

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Who Am I?


I am Billy Davis, a dedicated Licensed Massage Therapist with a passion for enhancing my clients’ well-being through the art of therapeutic touch. With a rich background spanning over a decade in the field, my journey began by honing my skills under the guidance of a chiropractor, where I learned the intricacies of holistic wellness and the profound impact massage therapy can have on one’s health.

My foundation in chiropractic care provided me with a unique perspective on the human body’s interconnectedness and the importance of addressing both physical and emotional aspects of well-being. As a licensed practitioner of massage therapy, I have seamlessly integrated my wealth of experience and diverse training to provide a comprehensive approach to massage therapy.

I am well-versed in a variety of modalities, each tailored to address specific concerns and provide relief. Whether it’s Swedish relaxation techniques, deep tissue therapy to target muscle tension, or myofascial release to promote flexibility and range of motion, I am committed to customizing each session to meet my clients’ individual needs and goals.

Beyond my technical expertise, I am known for my ability to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that fosters relaxation and healing. I firmly believe that a successful therapeutic session extends beyond the treatment itself; it encompasses a sense of trust, empathy, and communication between the therapist and the client.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed the transformative effects of massage therapy on both physical and mental well-being. My ultimate goal is to empower my clients to achieve optimal health and vitality, guiding them on a path toward improved quality of life.

As I continue to grow in my profession, I remain committed to expanding my knowledge, refining my skills, and embracing the latest advancements in massage therapy. Every day, I am inspired by the positive impact I can make in the lives of those I serve.

Thank you for considering my services, and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your well-being journey.


Billy Davis
Licensed Massage Therapist

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What Our Customers Say

I have had many massages over the years; however, finding a great massager therapist who is consistent is challenging. This past year I experienced a whole body irritability that stems from years of emotional and physical stress. Through a series of events, I ended up on Billy's massage table and never looked back.

Billy has an intuitiveness with her hands, after relaying the pains I am experiencing, her hands find the areas and release the tension. First, she worked with be bi-weekly to maintain the healthy balance. Billy's hands are a priceless part of my whole body health and maintenance program.


Stephanie Settlemire Graphic/Web Designer & Artist

A+ Amazing! The chronic pain in my elbow, GONE! The aching muscles from daily workouts, GONE! The stress of teaching 10 year olds all day and staying till 6 to get the next days lesson ready, GONE! Billy is not for sissies, unless you tell her of course! She is intense and knows or finds the knots and works them right on out! Best masseuse I have ever had at finding my problem areas, even when I can't tell her where they are. I wish I could see her every day, that's how awesome she is!

Patty HealyTeacher/avid exerciser

I have worked with many massage therapist over the years. I deal with migraines as well as running injuries, on a regular basis. I have learned that your massage therapist really can make a difference on healing and handling symptoms when it comes to both of these issues, I am so grateful I have been able to work with Billy for over a year now. She literally makes me feel much more whole when I leave her. Her technique, the strategies she uses for different muscles, and her attention to the details of what I tell her about how I am feeling, all contribute to her being so good at what she does. I tell everyone about how great "my massage therapist" is! Not only does she make me feel physically more relaxed, she also supports me on the days when I lay on her table and fall apart emotionally- because laying there for that massage, is maybe the first time I have been able to catch my breath all week. I recommend Billy to anyone looking for a fabulous massage experience!

Lesley Spradlin

Massage Options

Massage Therapy Pricing

I will be happy to help you select the massage that will work best for you as well as meets your needs.


Swedish Massage

Is the most common form of massage and is a light massage the mainly relaxes the muscles.

Therapeutic Massage

Commonly known as deep tissue is used for chronic muscle tension and is a deeper invigorating massage.

Sports Massage

Is used for the serious athlete who trains continuously. It focuses on the muscles relevant to the particular activity.

Pregnancy Massage

Is a mixture of Swedish and Therapeutic massage, depending upon where the client is with their pregnancy.

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Stress Can Affect Our Bodies And Health

If you feel tired after a working day, I am happy to give you an enjoyable and healthy solution to find your balance again. Contact me today; and we can set up an appointment to provide the perfect treatment and help you achieve the perfect mind-body harmony.
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